Hello and welcome to the Self-Empowerment series; a part of the Empower Network.

The self-empowerment network is an initiative that aims to enable doers, dreamers, and thinkers with the tools, resources and action plan needed to follow the path they have defined for themselves; a path that will ultimately lead to financial freedom.

My name is Abi and I left my 9 – 5 job in 2014. After a well-deserved break to purge and rejuvenate, I began implementing my life plan in 2015 and I haven’t looked back since.

It has been an incredible journey that began with the determination to live my life the way I want without being subject to someone else’s terms and conditions.

I run The Writer Entrepreneur, Natural Oils for Hair and Health and Healthy Natural Hair Products.

I also run an online beauty business, write fiction and non-fiction, travel, work on my own time, and I’m living my best life the way I want to. 

The Empower Network is more than just financial freedom. It’s been able to live your life the way it looks great to you. The first step in this direction is self-empowerment.

The self-empowerment series launched with the Blogging Basics Blueprint and the A – Z Blueprint for Turning Your Passion into Viable Income Course.

The A – Z Blueprint (e-book) is also available as part of the Ultimate Bundles Work from Home Bundle, which will be launched in June 2020.

I run two online stores as well – Ignite Your Imagination Store and Ade Ori Hair Care

There has never been a better time than now to invest in empowering yourself with the tools and resources required to start living your best life as soon as you can.

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